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You do not have to pay back your loans for tuition fees or living costs until you are earning over £21,000 a year.

  • You repay through the income tax system
  • If you never earn £21,000 a year, you never repay
  • After 30 years, any remaining debt is written off

The loans are repaid at a rate of 9% of your income over £21,000. So if your salary is £25,000 a year, you pay 9% of £4,000, which is £6.92 a week.

In addition, your repayments do not start until the April after you have graduated. You don’t have to arrange repayments, this is done for you. When you are earning over £21,000 the repayments will be automatically collected from your pay.

How long it takes to repay the loan depends on the size of the loan and how much you earn.

If you haven’t paid the loan off after 30 years you won’t need to make any further repayments.