Helena Kennedy Foundation funding

Article 26 Project - opening the door to higher education for student seeking sanctuary

In partnership with the Helena Kennedy Foundation, the University is offering support for three people who are seeking sanctuary to commence an undergraduate degree course in 2012.

If successful you will be provided with:

  • Full tuition fee waiver by the University until such time as your status in the UK is resolved and you can access student finance
  • A Personal Support Plan to enable you to identify and overcome barriers to achievement on your degree course
  • Group support and training to cover topics including ‘Minimising the impact of the Asylum Process on your higher education course'
  • Further training and mentoring provided by the Helena Kennedy Foundation – which has 13 years’ experience of supporting students.  Examples of the training sessions include confidence building, interview skills, revision techniques, stress management and public speaking
  • A small grant, if needed, to help with your travel and study costs

Who can apply?

Article 26 is aimed at students who will be either:

  • An asylum-seeker, or the partner/dependent of an asylum-seeker; or
  • A person or the partner/dependent of someone who sought asylum in the UK and has been granted temporary status, e.g. DLR (discretionary leave to remain) awarded on the basis of a claim for asylum.

You will need to have applied for and been offered an unconditional or conditional place at the University through the UCAS admissions process.  You may then be nominated to Article 26 by a College, School or Voluntary or Community Group, which must be prepared to support your application and provide a reference.

In order to apply for a place on the Article 26 project you must fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • Currently attending a school, college or community or voluntary group which is able and prepared to supply a reference and support your application
  • Aiming to start a first-time course of higher education in Autumn 2012 at the University of Salford
  • Able to provide evidence of your status in the UK and be prepared to undergo assessment of your personal circumstances and suitability to undertake a degree course
  • Able to demonstrate how you would be accommodated whilst a student. (Please note: Article 26 cannot provide accommodation or help with accommodation costs.)

How to apply

Please contact the Article 26 Project Manager, Rebecca Murray, by email to register your interest. The following information is required:

  • Summary of your current status
  • Details of the degree courses you wish to undertake as completed on your UCAS form
  • Current qualifications (gained in the UK or country of origin)

Applications will only be considered when an invitation to submit an application has been issued by Article 26.  The closing date is Friday 30th March 2012.