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Missed the 15 Jan deadline?

Don't worry - there's still time to apply for courses starting in September 2018.

UCAS applications close 30 June; however some courses may already be full, so check with our Enquiries team on 0161 295 4545 or alternatively search for your course on the UCAS website.

Here are your options:

1. If you have not submitted your application yet you can still apply through UCAS in the same way as all other applicants. Because you have missed the 15 January deadline, we cannot guarantee that your application will be considered, but we will still accept the application. If you’d like to talk to us about this before submitting an application, please contact the Enquiries team.

2. If you've submitted five choices and are not holding any offers, you can apply to study with us via UCAS Extra, which offers many students another chance to secure their perfect course before Clearing opens. UCAS Extra is available between 25 February and 30 June and you can apply to one course at a time. If you’re eligible to apply through UCAS Extra, you will be able to see this option as a button when you login to UCAS Track. You can see which of our courses are available in UCAS Extra by using UCAS course search. Please note you may be required to pay a fee to use UCAS Extra.

3. If you've already applied via UCAS but you've submitted fewer than five choices and haven't accepted a place, you can still add more choices to bring your total up to five. We consider applications received after the deadline on first come first served basis, so some courses may start to fill up and you should aim to have your application with us as soon as possible.