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Top 10 Tips for attending your Applicant Visit Day

  • Number 1


    Before the Applicant Visit Day, make sure you know where you’re going, how you’re going to travel and how long your journey will take. Don’t be late! Click here for travel information. We’d recommend making use of public transport where possible but limited parking is available on campus – we’ll email you about a week prior to your visit day with more details.

  • Number 2

    Remember your schedule

    You’ve had the chance to organise your day based on your circumstances and have chosen from a number of options. We can check for you on the day what you’ve booked but you might want to print this out and bring along a note of your personalised schedule.

  • Number 3


    your chosen subject. Do you have any questions about modules available? Are there other things that might influence your decision that you want to find out more about? Maybe you’re thinking about doing a placement as part of your studies? Have a think about these elements before your Visit Day and come along armed with questions for your tutors.

  • Number 4


    Accommodation is another big part of your decision to attend University. If you intend to stay in University accommodation what type are you looking for and what sort of budget do you have? Thinking these things through up front will mean you’re viewing the accommodation with the right mind set and you’re ready to ask the right questions.

  • Number 5


    to our student ambassadors when you’re here. Our ambassadors will be wearing red tops during the Visit Day and will lead the campus tours as well as helping with registration and pointing you in the right direction. They’re all current students at the University and are ready to answer any questions you might have about life as a Salford undergraduate.

  • Number 6

    Get a feel for the place

    While a huge part of your decision is about the course, it’s also about how you feel at each University. What’s the atmosphere like? Is it welcoming and friendly and can you see yourself spending three years here? Your Visit Day is structured but you’re welcome to have a bit of an explore yourself and see what the vibe is like.

  • Number 7

    Weather-proof yourself!

    We can’t hide it, Salford is a rainy city, it’s part of its charm! Campus tours will be outside and the day will inevitably involve some time out in the elements. Bring a brolly if needed and if your visit day is in the winter months, wrap up warm!

  • Number 8


    with the tutors leading your subject sessions. These will potentially be your tutors for the next few years so get involved as much as you can and ask any subject questions that you might have.

  • Number 9


    to what our current students have to say about their experiences at Salford. Our Visit Days include current students and ambassadors who are a really valuable source of information to you.

  • Number 10

    Ask questions!

    This really is the most important thing you can do – ask, ask, ask. Going to University is a big decision and we really want to make sure you make the right decision for you. Please ask us if you have any questions at all, either during the event, before or after. We’re also happy to help if you want to change any of your pre-booked sessions. Contact the Recruitment Support Team on 0161 295 4545 or