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Key dates

15 January 2019This is the UCAS deadline, apply by this date to guarantee consideration. You can still apply after this date but we can't guarantee your application will be considered as some courses may close.

January 2019 

After applying, you should start thinking about student finance. You can see what finance is available to you using this online calculator. You can apply for student finance even if you’ve not accepted any of your offers yet. Aim to have applied for student finance by the end of May 2019, to ensure you receive your money at the start of term.        

1 May 2019

If you’ve heard back from all of the universities you have applied to by 31 March 2019, you must choose your firm and insurance choices by today.        

May 2019

If you plan on applying for a student loan, the deadline to submit your application is usually at the end of May in order to guarantee that you’ll receive your money at the start of the September term.        

15 August 2019

A-level results day        

22 August 2019

GCSE results day        

Mid September 2019

Welcome Weekend and Welcome Week (exact date TBC)

You can see an overview of the 2019/20 academic year here. This will show you the breakdown of each semester, the vacation times and so forth. Please bear in mind that the majority of courses do not have teaching during trimester 3, however if you are on an accelerated course, a course with a mid-year start, or a course aligned to a health care profession, you will be taught during this period.