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Congratulations on being invited for an interview. Before you attend, it is very important that you fully prepare yourself by reading the information below:

I have an interview for one of the following courses within the School of Arts and Media: Animation; Computer and Video Games; Dance; Design; Digital Media; Fashion; Film Production; Film and TV Set Design; Graphic Design; Interior Design; Journalism; Music; Performance; Photography; Television and Radio; Visual Arts.

I have an interview for one of the following Health Sciences courses: Diagnostic Radiography; Physiotherapy; Sport Rehabilitation.

I have an interview for one of the following Nursing, Midwifery or Social Work courses: Nursing RN Adult; Nursing RN Children and Young People; Midwifery or Post RN Midwifery; Integrated Practice in Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work; Social Work; Counselling and Psychotherapy.