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10 Things to know about Clearing

Number 1Don’t panic, our lines are open from 7am until 7pm on results day and we’re here to help. We know you’ve not been in this situation before but our call handlers are ready to answer any questions and link you up with our available courses.
Number 1Find your course by using the show courses button above. Our Clearing list will be updated as courses are filled and if your chosen course isn’t available, we’ll try and show closest alternative matches.
Number 1Before you call, make sure you’ve got your UCAS ID number handy, all your results and maybe a pen and paper just in case.
Number 1Pick up the phone and call us on 0300 555 5030. It’s free to call - please check our opening hours above. If you're outside the UK, please call us on +44 161 295 5553.
Number 1Press the right buttons. Our course listing shows what options to choose when you call – take your time and pick the right options and this will mean we will be able to handle your call as efficiently as possible.
Number 1If you are offered a place through Clearing, we will send you an email to let you know what to do next. You will need to make an application to the University either through UCAS if you are already a UCAS applicant, or by completing an application form if you have not yet applied to University, or if you are an international student. We’ll need to double check your qualifications before we can confirm your place.
Number 1Attend our Clearing Visit Day. This will take place on Saturday 20 August.
Number 1Book your accommodation. For information on accommodation options at Salford please visit Accommodation
Number 1If you’ve got any other questions about life as a Salford undergraduate student, contact our dedicated askUS service on 0161 295 0023 or
Number 1Relax. You’re in. We look forward to meeting you in September.

Information for parents

Clearing is how universities and colleges fill any course places they still have available. If your son/daughter doesn’t get the exam grades they hoped for and their university place is not confirmed, they can try to find another course through Clearing. The Clearing process runs from early July through to September and helps students without confirmation of their firm or insurance choices, and those who apply late, to find courses where vacancies remain.
No. Late applicants are just as eligible to use Clearing as those who applied earlier in the cycle. Have a browse of the courses available above and give us a call on 0300 555 5030.
Even though they can’t approach a university for a Clearing place until they have their results and they have been made unsuccessful by the universities they applied to, it’s worth your son/daughter doing some research in advance to consider the types of courses that could be an option for them. This could save time if they do need to use Clearing when they get their results and ensure they get an offer on a course they really want to study.
Your son or daughter will know they’re in Clearing if their UCAS Track status says ‘You are in Clearing’ or 'Clearing has started'.

They should make note of their Clearing Number, as any universities they contact will ask for this.
During Clearing applicants can look for vacancies using the UCAS search tool and by searching from the top of this page or on our course finder.

They do not need to make a 'completely new' choice during Clearing; applicants can contact universities that they applied to (and may have received an offer from) earlier in the cycle, providing they have places available.

They will then need to phone the institution (most will have a special Clearing number – ours is 0300 555 5030) and speak to tutors about any courses they’re interested in. If they receive informal offers from a number of universities they need to decide which they want to accept and then add their Clearing choice in UCAS. They can only add one course at a time. The university will then respond – if they don’t confirm the place your child can then add another choice.
We know that Clearing can be a stressful time but we do ask that applicants contact us themselves. They will deal directly with university admissions staff, and as such, should treat the process as a mini interview. Nothing can be gained from a speculative phone call from parents, particularly during Clearing – it is still a competitive process for applicants and should be viewed as such.
Congratulations! We recommend that you come to our Clearing Visit Day on Saturday 20th August to meet our staff, students and view our campus.

Next, have a look at our accommodation website and make an application, if required.

If your son/daughter has already applied for student finance but their course, university or college have changed due to the Clearing process, they will need to tell Student Finance of the changes. They should login to their online student finance account to amend their application at
  • We strongly recommend that your son/daughter picks up their results from school or college. Please remember that UCAS will not be able to tell them the grades that they have achieved and they will need these prior to contacting us through Clearing.
  • Phone lines will be busy, particularly on Thursday 18th August. Please be patient, universities will answer all calls as soon as they possibly can.
  • Your son/daughter must contact the university they are interested in prior to adding any Clearing choices in UCAS.
  • Think things through; a decision does not have to be made on the spot. We recommend that all offers are carefully considered; most universities will allow students at least 48 hours to reflect on their options after an offer has been made.
  • If your son/daughter gets a place at university or college through the Clearing process and they haven't applied for student finance, they need to apply now at
  • Applicants are expected to honour their Confirmation commitments. If they’re placed at a university or college in the UCAS application system, unless they are eligible to pursue Adjustment, they must take up that place or withdraw completely from this year’s application cycle. Applicants should contact the university or college direct if they wish to enquire about a change of course, date of entry or point of entry.

For more information, please visit:

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Campus Tours

If you would like to explore the campus, we are offering some campus tours on the following dates:

To book onto one of these, please click on your preferred date and campus.


If you have any questions about the Campus Tours, please contact us on or 0161 295 4545.

If you have any queries in regards to your clearing offer, please contact us on 0300 555 5030.

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The University of Salford is located just 2km from Manchester City Centre.

We have excellent transport links – Salford Crescent train station is located right on campus and regular bus services run past. We also have several large car parks available to visitors, students and staff. If you're coming by car we'd suggest you park in Irwell Place car park (postcode: M54WT).

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