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Semester Study Abroad

Fancy spending an unforgettable semester living and studying in the UK? Your story starts here! 

Semester Study Abroad is a fee-paying scheme where you can visit the UK and complete part of your degree at Salford.

The experience will broaden your academic development, offer you the chance to be part of an exciting British culture and provide an opportunity for you to join in a global community at the University of Salford.

Experience student life in the UK

Come to Salford on the Semester Study Abroad scheme and you can enjoy an authentic taste of what it is like to study at Undergraduate level at a UK university. The University of Salford is a 5 minute journey from Manchester – one of Europe's major cities, and a 2 hour train journey to London.

During your time with us, you will study alongside Salford students and receive the same teaching and support which they do. You can also apply to live in student accommodation, which is a great opportunity to make friends with students from the UK and across the world.

Why come to Salford?

  • Study just 2km from the vibrant, multicultural city of Manchester
  • Join over 3,000 international students from more than 100 countries
  • Access state-of-the-art facilities in our New Adelphi building and immerse yourself alongside industry professionals in our MediaCityUK Campus

Find out more about life at Salford.
Read up on the city of Manchester.

I’m interested. What next?

  • Take a look through the pages to read more about the Semester Study Abroad scheme
  • If you want to find out more take a look at our frequently asked questions sections but if the answer isn’t there just email

We currently have two Schools involved in the Semester Study Abroad Scheme, and they will consider applications for their courses, subject to availability. Please take the time to review the course offerings from both of them:

  • School of Arts and Media
  • Salford Business School
  • You can apply to take 3 course modules related to your undergraduate degree.

    It is recommended that you seek advice from your university’s International Office or Study Abroad Coordinators as it is important that the modules you choose complement your study programme and can be credited by your university at the end of your degree programme.

    Applications for Semester 2 (January 2018) entry are now open!

    Please complete our online application form, and provide all relevant supporting information.

    We suggest that you draw up a shortlist of 8 course modules and consult your University’s International Office Staff or Study Abroad Coordinator to gain approval to apply for a place on the scheme. It is important that you also liaise with your Course Tutor so that they can confirm your intended shortlist of course modules will contribute to your overall programme of study at your home institution.

    If you intend to join us later in 2018 or beyond, please register your interest by emailing the Study Abroad and Exchanges Team:

    Along with your application form there are a few supporting documents and information we require before we can consider your application. We are unable to process applications that are missing supporting documents, so please make sure that you have the following:

    • A scanned copy of your photo page of your passport – including the passport number and expiry date (We will use this information to ensure you receive the correct advice regarding UK immigration).
    • Details of how you will pay for your place on the scheme.
    • An academic reference to confirm your academic suitability for the scheme (This can be from any lecturer/professor at your home institution who has taught you. Your referee will only be contacted if there are any points of clarification required about your application).
    • The contact details of your university’s International Office or Study Abroad Coordinator.
    • A copy of the academic transcript from your university which should include a list of grades (or an English translation signed and stamped by your home university if it isn’t written in English).
    • A description of the grading system at your home university (This will help our academic staff to understand your transcript).
    • Evidence of your International English Language Testing System score if English isn’t your first language.

    Please send all documents in digital form to

    Complete the application form in Step 1 and ensure that all your details are correct and that every field has been filled in. Then hit that Submit button!

    You will receive an email acknowledgement of your form being submitted.

    Once we have received your application and supporting documentation, the Lead School International Exchanges Link Tutor and/or Admissions Tutor will make a decision on your admission and the suitability for the course module options.

    You will then receive via email, a decision on the modules you have applied for, outlining any pending confirmation, such as:

    • Assessment methods,
    • Timetable of study,
    • Possible modules not running.

    This gives you the chance to see what modules you have been offered and gives you the option of changing your mind.

    Assuming you are happy with the proposed schedule of study, you will receive formal notification through a University of Salford Offer Letter. At this stage you will also be invited to pay for your Semester Study Abroad.

    In the unlikely event that your application is unsuccessful we will email you to explain the reasoning behind this decision.

    Once you have accepted your offer and we email to confirm your enrollment, you can apply for your visa. If you need help about what visa to apply for, please contact our dedicated Visa Team by calling +44 161 295 2060 or email

    When you receive your visa, it’s time to book your plane tickets! The nearest airport to the University of Salford is Manchester International Airport, which runs direct flights to and from major cities across the world. It’s just 15 minutes by taxi from the airport to our campus, and around 25 minutes by train from Manchester Airport to Salford Crescent Train Station, which is situated right beside our Peel Park Campus.

    If it's cheaper, you can fly to any airport in London and catch the high-speed train from London to Manchester, which only takes around 2 hours.

    In your first week at Salford, you’ll be invited by your Lead School to a busy programme of welcome events to help you get your bearings around campus and meet fellow students.

    Alongside your School induction, the University and Students’ Union run all sorts of events and activities – some fun, some informative, some a mixture of both! This is a sure way to get your semester off on the right foot.

    Visit our Welcome pages to see what is organised for you to get involved with.

    You can come to Salford on the Semester Study Abroad scheme in either the first or second semesters of the academic year:

    • Semester 1 – September to December
    • Semester 2 – January to June

    Check the specific semester dates of each semester here.

    We consider each student on a case-by-case basis. The transcripts and academic reference you provide us with during the application process should enable us to make a decision on whether you are academically suitable for the course you are applying to.

    If you choose modules from our School of Arts and Media, we may ask you to send a digital portfolio of your creative work in support of your application.

    If you are coming to Salford for one semester or more on the Semester Study Abroad scheme, the answer is yes. Rest assured that we will be on-hand to help throughout the visa application process.

    Find out more about applying for a Student Visa.

    We have trained specialist advisers, who are compliant with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. They are the appropriate source for information and advice on visa and immigration matters at the University of Salford. We ask that you read all the relevant information on our website.

    If you have further queries after reading these pages you are welcome to contact them.

    This depends on which course modules you are taking. You can expect a combination of lectures, seminars, tutorials, group workshops, masterclasses and/or field trips.

    Assessment can take the form of examinations, coursework, essays and project work. We have a team of specialist advisers who can make sure you have the assistance you need in lectures and exams and our Library offers a range of online resources and workshops to help you study and work more effectively. If you are struggling with your studies, need training in IT or failing to find information then check out Skills for Learning website for help and guidance.

    We’ll provide details of exactly how you will be taught and assessed on each module after you apply for a place on the scheme.

    Please note that once your results for the semester with us have been confirmed, we’ll send the official transcripts to your email address and the relevant department of your university. Your university will make the final decision on how the results will contribute to your overall grading. As a student on the scheme, you won’t be able to re-sit examinations or re-submit any assessed work.

    The tuition fee for each single semester (fall or spring) is £6,270. In addition to the cost of tuition, you should also budget to allow for the following costs.


    There are a variety of rooms available through our University of Salford Student Village. We recommend that our incoming students choose University accommodation (where possible) and you will need your student ID number to apply (this will start with @..........).  There are also private providers in Salford and Manchester which you could also consider. You can find further information on our Accommodation page.

    Bus Pass:

    Depending on your student lifestyle and where you choose to live you may wish to consider buying a bus pass. Salford is well served by bus links to Manchester city centre, and a bus operates frequently between the main University campus and the MediaCityUK campus, which is free to students on production of a valid Salford student ID card.

    Study Tours:

    The International Society works in conjunction with the University of Salford, the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University and offers a range of trips to some of the most beautiful and interesting locations around England, Scotland and Wales. The trips are charged a little extra for non-members, so you may want to budget for some trips.  Membership is very reasonable and runs with the academic year from September to August.

    Sports and Gym Membership:

    Whether you are interested in swimming, going to the gym, exercise classes or even joining a Sports Team, the Sports Centre at the University of Salford has something for you. A huge range of opportunities exists for you to engage in Sport (within either a social or competitive setting) demonstrated via our variety of unique pathways into physical activity. All of our activities are offered at subsidised rates for students and staff and provide excellent value for money.

    Personal telephone:

    Mobiles (or cell phones) are very popular in the UK. Sim cards are available in phone stores and supermarkets. Once you arrive and complete registration, you may wish to obtain a letter from askUS to verify your student status as often exclusive deals are offered to students in the UK.


    Students are welcome to join the NUS (National Union of Students) during their studies. Cards can be bought in the Students' Union Office in University House. Students will need to show NUS cards at the point of sale, or register online in advance for a code, to access discounts at cinemas, restaurants, museums, stores, and attractions.

    Police Registration:

    Depending on the terms and conditions of your visa, you may be asked to register with the police when you arrive. If you are unsure and require further advice please refer to our dedicated resource here.

    Additional costs:

    How much you will spend as a student in the UK will vary according to your spending plans, but we estimate that students should budget for approximately £750 - 800 per month, covering accommodation, lighting, heating, food, and personal expenses. Please note: students applying for a Tier 4 visa will be required to demonstrate that they have money for any course fees, plus living costs for each calendar month of your course.

    Can I get funding towards my place on the scheme?

    If you are coming to us from the USA, government loans are available. You should speak to a representative of your University’s International Office or Study Abroad Coordinator about this before you apply.

    If you are from a non-English speaking country, you will need to provide evidence that you can speak the language to a good level. In most cases, we ask that you provide proof that you’ve achieved the appropriate International English Language Testing System score and have a minimum of 6.0.

    Find out more about our English language requirements

    It is at the discretion of your Home Institution to recognise your achievements while studying at Salford. All of the modules available are worth 20 credits each and are assessed. Students generally study for 60 credits per semester. So this means you shouldn’t have any catching up to do when you return home after your semester with us.

    It is recommended that you seek advice from your tutor as well as staff in your University’s International Office or Study Abroad Coordinator as it is important that the modules you choose complement your study programme and can be credited by your university at the end of your degree programme.

    Our International Exchanges Link Tutors and Admissions Tutors are on hand throughout the application process. They can answer any questions you have about the modules. If you contact we will direct your enquiry to the appropriate International Exchanges Link Tutor and Admissions Tutor for the modules you are interested in.

    We aim to send your final module confirmation in advance of your arrival in Salford. There may be some occasions when, due to unavoidable changes in the scheduling of programmes, we have to offer you an alternative, but this will always be done in consultation with you and your home institution.

    Some universities may ask that you take a fourth module or undertake accredited extracurricular activities during your semester on the Semester Study Abroad scheme. If yours is one of them, please email and we can help arrange this.

    UK universities use different terminology to describe the stages of an undergraduate degree. See the table below for a translation of the UK terms.

    UK Level US Level
    A-Level Freshman
    Level 4 Sophomore
    Level 5 / 6 Sophomore / Junior
    Final Year Senior

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about the Semester Study Abroad scheme please take a look at our frequently asked questions section or drop us an email.

    Study Abroad & Exchanges Team
    University of Salford
    Salford M5 4WT
    t: +44 (0) 161 295 6291

    Other useful contacts

    The Study Abroad & Exchanges Team will respond to you as best as we can, however some of our academic and student support colleagues may be better suited to answering your question, so we may signpost you to the following teams.

    Other links