Date published: May 16, 2017

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Our Art of Freelancing event will help you become more effective at selling your skills to potential clients.

However, there are just 30 places available and we want students and graduates who are serious about having a freelance career.

On the day, a team of experts, who have all started a new venture and freelanced themselves, will share their stories and experiences with you.

This interactive event, which takes place on Wednesday 31 May, will offer you the opportunity to learn:

  • How to Attract your First Clients  
  • How to Build an Effective Creative Career  
  • Stories of other Creative Entrepreneurs  
  • Planning for Your Creative Business Journey  
  • Working out a Pricing strategy for Your Business  

There will also be a Q&A panel featuring the following speakers:

- Lavinia Goddard - Co-director at Vincejuice, current student at the Business School, winner of Tech Angels Business Competition 2014 and future TV star. Prior to VineJuice, Lavinia used to own a graphic design business.

- Dan Kelsall -  Founder of Vonkel, a recruitment app that uses Vonks and 60 second videos to create amazing employment opportunities for young people. In the past, he used to freelance in graphic and web design.

- Lavinia Alexoiu – While she just graduated from a Business Information Technology course and used to work in Technology Consulting, Lavinia is a recent Business Information Techonology graduate, who has followed her long-term passion for design by launching her branding and design studio, Starlight Studio Co.

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