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Date published: June 20, 2017

Teaching Excellence Framework results

Our 'Teaching Excellence Framework' rating has been released today, and we were awarded bronze. Today’s announcement gives us an opportunity to explain what that means and more about our plans for the future.

You may have seen that our ‘Teaching Excellence Framework’ rating came out today, and we were awarded bronze. Today’s announcement gives us an opportunity to explain what that means and more about our plans for the future.

The Teaching Excellence Framework is a government scheme which ranks teaching at universities across the UK. It draws on information about results, the jobs people go on to do and data from the National Student Survey from the last three years to give institutions a rating.

Not all universities have taken part in the Teaching Excellence Framework. We have chosen to because we want to be open, honest and transparent about where we are and our plans for the future.

Our bronze rating reflects the historic position of The University of Salford. We have been rated bronze, rather than silver, because a few years ago not as many of our graduates as we would have liked went on to get jobs in their chosen profession within the a year of leaving university. That has changed and is constantly improving, as are our National Student Survey scores and how satisfied you feel with your experience here.

This is a good place to study. In March the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey saw us climb significantly in the ratings, proving that Salford is a great university and is improving all the time.

We are determined to keep getting better, and to make sure that every student has every opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability. We’re investing in equipment, buildings and teaching, and soon every course will give students the chance to work with employers and get fantastic experience that prepares you for life after study.

It’s really important that we listen to you and act on your concerns to help continually enhance the student experience. You can talk to your lecturers and personal tutor, your student representatives and directly to the University through the Student Voice website at www.salford.ac.uk/student-voice

The University of Salford is a great community, and we are proud of our institution. We are going places, and so are you.

Frequently asked questions

Q.What is TEF?

A.TEF stands for the Teaching Excellence Framework. It is a way of the government monitoring and assessing the quality of teaching in universities in England and helps to inform students’ choice. Not all universities have entered the TEF process, but those who have entered have been awarded a bronze, silver or gold rating. This rating can change each year as new information is submitted, and a university can choose to withdraw from the TEF process.

Q. How does this affect me?

A. Our rating from the Teaching Excellence Framework has no effect on your course or study at Salford. It is a rating for the University as a whole, and will be used by new students who are choosing where to study.

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