Date published: May 30, 2017

Support when you need it

As time passes after a traumatic event it can begin to affect us in different ways and it can sometimes feel more difficult as all the media coverage and initial shock passes. It is important to recognise that there is no right or wrong way of reacting or feeling after a traumatic event no matter how directly you have been affected. The University of Salford is here to support you and would like to offer some words of comfort and advice:

  • Remember that you are not alone
  • There is no right or wrong way of feeling
  • It’s OK to feel bad, it’s OK to feel nothing, it’s OK to feel good
  • Stay connected to people – friends, family, colleagues
  • Give yourself permission and time to grieve
  • Talk to people if you feel able
  • Focus on your strengths and coping skills
  • Do things you enjoy and take time to relax
  • You are reacting normally to an abnormal situation

There are a number of avenues of support if you are feeling overwhelmed, please contact the Counselling and Wellbeing Team 0161 295 0023 opt 1 or or contact your GP.

We know that there will have been students on placement in hospitals at the time of and after the incident at Manchester Arena. If you need support, please contact your tutor and we can put some special help in place.

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