Date published: May 10, 2016

Share your experience of the clearing process

Did you secure your university place through UCAS Clearing or know someone who did?

The results day in August is a nerve-wracking experience (as we’re sure you remember!) and those that don’t get the grades they needed – or change their mind on what or where they want to study – have the added pressure of finding and securing a new place to study in a short space of time.

If you were one of those people, the Student Recruitment team want to hear your story and use it to inspire and empower other people who went through a similar experience. 

We’re looking for students at all levels, even if you studied your Bachelor’s degree elsewhere. We will only need you to answer a few questions about your experiences of finding a university place through clearing and the path of study that you’re now on.

Perhaps ‘dropping a grade’ turned out to be the best thing that happened to you, or you discovered a passion for a subject you never knew you had – we want to show that there can be positive and inspiring stories that emerge from the Clearing process.

Your stories will be included in the next edition of a newsletter that goes out nationwide. The article will consist of information on how advisers can support students involved in the clearing process.

If you are willing to spare a few minutes, please contact Alison Brooks, Recruitment & Outreach Officer, on or 0161 295 3245. 

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