Date published: October 12, 2015

Students' Union launch seven new student networks

The University of Salford Students’ Union are proud to announce seven new ‘Student Networks’. These networks have been designed to help students socialise with people like themselves, and to help influence the Union’s work. 

We’d love it if you could join the networks, and don’t feel limited to just one. The Union want to represent you on all issues. The networks will have a direct link to the Union’s Student Senate. This means that there are opportunities to help you get support and funding for plans, and areas that you feel need it.

Each network has a drop in which you can attend. This will be the perfect opportunity to meet everyone that is involved with the network, to introduce yourself. If you can’t attend these then please feel free to email, she’ll be happy to let you know when you can next meet them, and answer any other questions that you have.

These are the seven networks, and their first drop-in sessions;
•      Black & Minority Ethnic Students Network: 21st October 1pm
•      LGBT Students Network: 13th October 7:30pm
•      Students with Disabilities Network: 15th October 12pm
•      Mature Students Network: 15th October 1pm
•      Women Students Network: 15th October 3pm
•      Postgraduate Research Students Network: 16th October 12pm
•      International Students Network: 16th October 1pm

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