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Date published: October 13, 2015

How to stop procrastinating: our advice

Do you struggle to go 5 minutes without checking Facebook? Do you struggle to write a paragraph without refreshing Twitter? We feel your pain, we really do. Social Media is one of many things that distract us, and with it being all too easy to search for a meme on google then how do you write a 2000 word essay?

There is help at hand. Student Life’s Wellbeing Team are holding a series of workshops to help students combat stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and (wait while I refresh Twitter) procrastination. These procrastination workshops take place tomorrow (October 20, 10.00am), and on Thursday (October 22, 10.00am) and they’ll be a great way of helping you out - Just come to University House at the above times to attend.

Here are our top three tips to help battle procrastination:

Student studying in the library.- Break it Up: Try doing your work in small bursts. Perhaps you could do an hour then have a tea break? Don't leave it till the last minute. If you do your work over one week rather than one day then you can afford to do a bit each day, and you won't be as inclined to start doing something useless.

- Change it Up: Is your bedroom the best place to do your essay? Why don't you go to the library and sit in the silent study area? You might do more work in the library in an hour, than you do in your room in five. You might be surprised how much work you can do without those distractions.

- Buddy it Up: Do your studies with a friend. You might be able to work off each other and get more done together. Why waste all that time on google when you could ask your friend the question? You can spur each other on, and give each other goals to accomplish. 

Maybe you’re a perfectionist? We know how difficult that can be to fit around your studies. Imagine writing a 2000 word essay and constantly checking the spelling and grammar. This sounds all well and good, and trust us, you need to proofread that essay. However, the problem with perfectionism can be that it takes a long time to get anything done. 

If that sounds like you then have no fear. Guess what, we have workshops for that too. These take place today (Monday 19 October) and tomorrow (Tuesday 20 October). They are both at 2.00pm, to attend please just come to University House. 

These workshops are great resources for you guys. Make sure you come along and learn everything that you can. You’re all welcome, and whether you’re a first or third year it doesn’t matter, there will be plenty to help you with your studies. 

It can be hard enough sitting down and writing a long and difficult essay. Studying is hard, and we know it, but it’s even harder when you procrastinate. There’s no point wasting your time online, wouldn’t you rather get that essay finished and go and do something else? It’s better to get the essay out the way and feel the stress lift from your shoulders. We can’t urge you enough to go to these workshops, we’ll be there, and we need it. 

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