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Date published: October 24, 2016

Second year students have chance to spend next semester abroad

Second year students can now apply to work or study abroad for the entirety of the next semester.

The Erasmus+ programme allows you to study abroad with any of our partner organisations throughout Europe, as well as providing you with grants to assist towards your cost of living. It also allows you to work abroad on a placement, which you can take at any European organisation, so you could take a summer internship at the end of the academic year.

Going abroad is an incredible and unique experience that has significant benefits for your employability. Research has shown that students who go abroad during their degree are 24% more likely to find employment three years after graduation compared to those who don’t go abroad. 

To find out more information, including where you can go, then please visit our website at and click on ‘Applications’ to apply.

Santander also offer all students the chance to go to Europe and beyond with their Travel Award. The programme offers awards of £500, £1000 and £5000. You can apply here

If you want to know more information, then please contact

The deadline for applications is the 11th November.

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