Ellis Martin

Date published: December 13, 2017

Salford student helps homeless people across Manchester

A STUDENT from Salford University has begun making up care packages for homeless people in time for Christmas period.

Psychology and criminology student, Ellis Martin decided not spend her money on Christmas cards for her friends this year but instead made care packages to give out to people who are living on the streets of Manchester.

The packs, which are different for men and women living on the street include: sanitary products, toiletries, hats and gloves, underwear, vitamins, plasters, lozenges, protein and cereal bars.

And even those with dogs can have a pack for their 4 legged friend, as they include dog food, treats, dental chews and a ball.

Overwhelming Response

Ellis said: “I've never seen so many homeless people in a city before I moved to Manchester, so I thought I'd try and help them by making the care packs.

“With £15 of my own money I managed to make 5, so I posted on social media to explain to people why they wouldn't be receiving a Christmas card and the response was over whelming. I was encouraged to set up a Just Giving page so that people could donate to help me make more.”

On Ellis’ Just Giving page, her original target was just £50, which it easily passed and is now on the £400 mark.

A Good Idea 

On handing out the packages, Ellis said: “Everyone has said the care packs are such a good idea because they include items that people don't usually give them. 

“I've had hugs from some of them, handshakes, and even tears of joy from some when I tell them what we've been doing. 

“There are so many lovely people that do the same sort of thing, handing out clothes and food when they can. 

“I have used just over half of the money, and I am going back home to Northumberland for Christmas so I will be making more and handing some packs out in Newcastle in the run up to Christmas.”

On receiving plenty of support on social media, from friends and family Ellis said: “I couldn't have done it without all of the support - the donations of money, the shares on social media, the collection of items, and my two friends Leah and Beth for helping to distribute.”

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