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Date published: February 03, 2017

Safer Manchester = safer Salford

This is Manchester Hate Crime Awareness week, with events going on around the city to promote awareness and reporting. You can find out more about the issues and what’s happening at makingmanchestersafer.com or on Twitter through #Westandtogether

We are one of the most diverse universities in the country, and we celebrate the uniqueness of every student. We love difference. We are #OneSalford.

Domestic abuse is a hate crime, and it’s more common than you think. The chances are that you know someone who is or has been a victim, or has witnessed domestic violence. Tomorrow’s (7th Feb) free performance of ‘Black Eyes and Cottage Pies’ looks at the issues of domestic violence in more detail. If you want to go along, you can get a ticket at http://www.salfordstudents.com/events/black-eyes-and-cottage-pie

If you need to talk to someone about domestic abuse or other hate crime, you can talk to us. Email us at Report-It-Hatecrime@salford.ac.uk , or call askUS on 0161 295 0023. We’ll help you to get the support you need.

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