Date published: February 16, 2016

Revolutionary news source lets you get inside lecturers' brains

Ever wondered how best to pick your lecturers’ brains?

You know they know absolutely loads more than they can tell you in an hour-long lecture – after all, they’ve been there and written the paper!

Of course, if you’re keen enough you can trawl through their research papers in one of our many electronic journals in the Clifford Whitworth Library. But everyone loves a shortcut: it’s called The Conversation.

The Conversation is a website where academics write brief, accessible and interesting articles based on their research – say on digital business practice, or future aircraft design, on cures for cancer or trends in adoption and fostering.

The good news is there’s a strong chance one of your teachers is among them because Salford University is one of the founders of The Conversation and a total of 58 Salford lecturers have posted blog articles on the site.

Articles are short (around 700 words) and tackle some of the key questions in science, health, politics, economy, arts and culture and more.

This month, Salford lecturers and professors have posted articles asking:

Salford academics have posted around 200 pieces on The Conversation, which is becoming a major news source across the globe and is viewed by around 12million readers a month.

Oddly, not many of them are students, so here’s your chance to steal a march on your peers!

Start reading it today https://theconversation.com/institutions/university-of-salford

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