Date published: April 05, 2017

Revision Magic

Revision time can be stressful and we want to equip you with useful tools and tips to help you succeed.

We know your time is precious so we will keep this brief and let the software do the talking.

Students and staff have free access to a self-service, alternate media solution for educational institutions called SensusAccess.

What does it do?

It makes your documents accessible.

In a nutshell it converts documents to a range of media including audio books & e-books.

How can this help me revise?

1.Listen to your revision notes - Convert documents into Mp3 files and listen to your notes whilst on the move.This is available in a variety of languages.

2.Engages with Screenreaders enabling accessibility to a range of documents for those that use screenreaders.

3.Unlock PDF’s, jpegs & powerpoints and many more – unlock fixed documents like lecture notes and edit and add notes.

Where can I find the magic?

Follow the link below

“Everyone wants to believe some magical solution to their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic” – Alice in wonderland.


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