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Date published: March 08, 2016

Posters on campus advertising 'academic services' not affiliated to University

Posters advertising essay writing and referencing services have recently been stuck up around campus. These services are not in any way affiliated to the University and innocent use of them could land you in trouble, as you could be found guilty of academic misconduct.

It’s normal to face struggles with your academic writing and essay referencing, and we are here for you when you need help.

If you feel your academic writing is not quite up to scratch, than you can take our free Wordscope programme. Designed to help you improve and develop your academic writing skills, this ten week course is proven to benefit your academic marks and will hopefully help you feel more confident when you approach assignments in the future. Learn more about it here.

Referencing can also be a tough and confusing task, with students often unsure of the exact way to reference and afraid of losing marks for plagiarism. Over on our really useful Skills for Learning website provided by the library, there is extensive information including guides for each style, workshops you can book on to and one-to-one appointments available to you. Find it here.

International students who want to improve their English language skills can attend our Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) programme. Provided by our Languages team, this 12 week course will give you confidence in your English language ability so that you can apply it to your assignments and examinations. Find out more here.

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