natasha hadgraft

Date published: November 22, 2016

PhD student Natasha publishes paper in leading Natural Science journal

PhD student Natasha Hadgraft has published a major scientific study on the functionality of heart cells in leading natural science journal, Nature Communications.

For the study, Natasha used specialised on-site equipment to measure cell calcium dynamics for the study under the supervision of Biomedical Science Lecturer, Dr David Greensmith. The published study continues Natasha’s research into heart physiology and dysfunction in disease.

Upon seeing her research in the journal, Natasha was understandably excited. She said: “I feel extremely grateful to be involved in a project of this size and then to see the research featuring in Nature Communications. I am very pleased and proud that my work has contributed to better understanding of cardiac physiology.”

Natasha’s supervisor David said: “For Natasha to contribute to a publication of this calibre in the first year of her PhD is an incredible achievement of which should feel deservedly proud. Her findings are already being taught in undergraduate lectures which is a great achievement. The pieces of equipment and techniques she uses are complex, and the learning curve is steep. That she is already using these to such effect is a real testament to her abilities as a scientist.

“It is also a testament to the value of Salford’s Pathways to Excellence scheme and clearly demonstrates we are training early career scientists of equivalent potential to those of any leading research institution. As supervisors, we simply don’t have the time to acquire and analyse all the data required to meet our research objectives. It is therefore essential we have exceptional PhD students who can drive our research forward, something Salford’s PtE scheme can provide.”

Natasha is part of our Pathways to Excellence programme, which offers a valuable opportunity to study for a PhD while being supported to produce high quality research papers in collaboration with supervisors and other colleagues.

Natasha aims to contribute to further collaborative papers and has aspirations to be first author on a publication relating to her own PhD project.

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