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Date published: May 26, 2017

A Message From Your Dean of Students

Dear student, 

The last few days have been difficult for everyone across the University, the city and its communities. We had students attending and working at Manchester Arena on Monday evening who will have experienced first hand the horrors of that night and many others, students and staff, who will have known people there and have been through the uncertainty and worry waiting to hear that those they knew were safe and well. But the impact has been felt well beyond those who were at the arena on Monday.

However, there has also been a very strong and positive impact of the University community coming together to provide support to each other. A defiance of terror and hate by people standing together and maintaining our way of life. The ‘we stand together’ and ‘unity’ hashtags have been lived just as much as they have been tweeted. Students and staff have been able to access support from askUS, your Students’ Union and the Faith Centre as well as the pop-up tea and chat stands around the campuses.

It is part of the natural coping cycle that initial shock and disbelief can turn to anger and fear before new belonging and normality return. We need to ensure that our community stays united and that we continue to uphold our values, so wonderfully demonstrated this week, of equality, diversity and mutual respect. Please can I encourage us all to stay strong, stay united and keep on looking out for and supporting each other. All of the support services remain available to you and I encourage any who need them to go along, you never know when you may be affected and it is ok to not feel okay! See the details below of how to access support if you need it.

We must also remain vigilant to anything that we feel is not right and should feel safe on our campus and beyond. In a time of hypervigilance it is important that we individually do our best to avoid creating concern, so consider how your actions may affect others. Simple things like not leaving bags unattended and considering your language when speaking to others will all help. We must also be alert to any antisocial and unacceptable behaviour that may challenge our unity. As a University we will not accept any behaviour that discriminates or intimidates any member of our community. If you see, hear or are subject to any such behaviour please contact our support services who will ensure that you are supported and that the matter is dealt with appropriately.

We stand together as one community, stronger through unity.

Neil Fowler
Dean of Students

Useful Contact Information

Students’ Union Advice Centre:
0161 351 5400
0161 295 0023
Faith Centre
0161 295 4432

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