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Date published: February 11, 2016

Main campus building entrances and pathways temporarily closed

As constructing the New Adelphi building is well under way, some building entrances and pathways will need to be temporarily closed to complete the works.

Please carefully read the information below about the key three areas affected by the upcoming works. They will only be affected from Friday 12 February till around mid-April.

Directional signage will be displayed in the area and as changes happen.

Keep an eye out for our updates to see which entrances and pathways are closed – so that you don’t end up running late to your lectures!

University Road

A short stretch of single carriageway/one-way system will be installed on University Road in front of the New Adelphi site on Friday 12 February.

It will be controlled by traffic lights and the pedestrian route between Newton Annexe and Chapman Building will remain useable but will incorporate a slight diversion.

These works are expected to take about 3 weeks.

The Broadwalk

The tarmac foot path in front of Cockcroft Building will close on Monday 15 February. The main door to Cockcroft will remain open initially but will only be accessible from the Peel end of the building.

The main entrance to Cockcroft will then close on Monday 7 March to enable the new external flagged surface to be prepared and laid in that area. To enter the building, please go through the out of hours entrance via the gate at the rear of Lady Hale.

During this period, the route north beyond Cockcroft toward University House will be down the path behind Cockcroft, Lady Hale and Clifford Whitworth. Clifford Whitworth and Lady Hale can be accessed through the gate at the rear of Lady Hale.

Clifford Whitworth

The main entrance to Clifford Whitworth will be closed for a period of approximately 6 weeks from 1 March.

External entrances to the café and bank will also be closed, however access to the café will remain available from within the library. The works are expected to finish around 11 April.

This means that the external ATM at Santander Bank will be inaccessible from 1 March until around the middle of April. An alternative machine is available either in Maxwell Foyer or at Allerton outside the SU shop.

The entrance to Clifford Whitworth will be via the rear fire doors accessed through the gate at the rear of Lady Hale Building.

The main entrance to Lady Hale will initially remain open, with the entrance to Santander Bank being via Lady Hale foyer whilst the external bank entrance is closed.

Toward the end of these works the main entrance to Lady Hale will need to be closed for a short period.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these works. 

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