Date published: May 03, 2016

Library development project - transforming your library

Starting in June, the Clifford Whitworth Library will be completely transformed library by a £5.8m refurbishment. In preparation for the start of work we’re doing a number of things to reduce the disruption.

From today (Monday 03 May) the number of books you can borrow will increase by 10, so if you’re a first or second year undergraduate you’ll be able to take out 25 items, and if you’re a final year undergraduate or postgraduate you’ll be able to take out 35 items.

At the end of May we’ll be creating a pop-up study area in Chapman with group, silent study areas and PCs. There’ll be an ITS desk and a Library desk to make it easy for you to get help. As work on the refurbishment progresses we’ll look at creating further study spaces across campus for you.

During the refurbishment, all the books will remain in Clifford Whitworth. This means we’ll be giving you as much access to them as we possibly can, although there will be times when books are being transferred between floors and are temporarily unavailable. The first of these times will be at the beginning of June when the books will move from the second floor to the ground floor.

We’ll work with our contractors to try to do the noisier work outside of busy times, and will advise you of noise levels so you can choose where to study.

During the work we’ll be posting information daily on our web pages and in the Library to help you make decisions about the best place to work. Check the web pages before you come in to the Library and follow us on twitter @TheLibraryUoS and our hashtag #LibraryinthePark for the latest developments.

For more information about the Library Development project and how it will benefit you visit our web pages and blog

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