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Date published: December 12, 2016

Keep safe this Christmas

As presents are wrapped and festivities planned, it can be hard to consider your safety during the Christmas period. The end of the semester is certainly time for celebration and – say it quietly – revision, but we want you to keep safe whilst you’re having fun, and to hold on to those things that are precious to you.

Here are a few tips to help you keep safe on campus and beyond:

  • Be aware of tailgating. If someone tries to follow you into your accommodation, check that they are a resident. It may seem strange, but you wouldn’t let someone into your family home without asking who they are.
  • Do not leave windows open when you leave the accommodation. It’s surprising how easy it is for someone to reach their hand in and snatch your brand new laptop, with all your work on it!
  • If you choose to go home by taxi then ONLY get into a proper licensed Hackney Carriage from a taxi rank, or into the private taxi you booked on the phone – this is the only way you can be sure of who you’re riding with.
  • Try to travel with friends if possible – it will help keep you safe and help half the taxi fare. The last thing to do is to count your friends in and out of the taxi. You’re all safer as a group, and by sticking together you can make sure that you all get home safe.  
  • As well as the 24/7 security staff at Salford Student Village, who can be contacted through Reception, the University has a Security Team in the Maxwell building who always welcome students and give out free personal safety packs. You can ask for the Security Team at Maxwell reception during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm), or use the intercom, which can be found in the Maxwell Well under the Maxwell building on the right-hand side, outside of normal hours. They’ve just added four new Security Engagement Officers to their team, so there is always someone to help you. The safety packs are also available from the main askUS reception desks.
  • The Security Team also have their very own security shop where they sell personal safety items at a fraction of the cost you’d usually pay. Visit the shop and you can get a gold standard cycle lock for just £15 and a hi-visibility jacket for £3.
  • At Salford Student Village, you’re welcome to have up to two guests stay over but you must sign them in at reception. Also, make sure you trust your guests and that you let your roommate know they’re staying over – it’s only fair.
  • If you’re an international student, we advise you to take out contents insurance. This ensures your valuable items, such as laptops and mobile phones, are ensured against theft. 
  • If you’re parking your bike on campus, ensure that you use a d-lock to secure it. There have been a number of cycle thefts on campus, usually when another type of lock is used that doesn’t quite cut the mustard!

Have a fantastic Christmas break, and if you encounter a problem on campus over the holidays or want more security advice contact 0161 295 3333.

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