Don Carter

Date published: September 27, 2017

Join us for a fascinating look into remaking post-industrial cities

Join Don Carter this Friday (29 September) as he presents his recently published book, Remaking Post-Industrial Cities: Lessons from North America and Europe. It examines the transformation of post-industrial cities after the collapse of big industry in the 1980s on both sides of the Atlantic, presenting a holistic approach to restoring post-industrial cities.

Don is the David Lewis Director of Urban Design and Regional Engagement of the Remaking Cities Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in America.

Don will be looking at the lessons learned from the mistakes and successes of these cities, and offering invaluable insights to practitioners and students of planning, urban design, and redevelopment, among others. He will be discussing the ten cities profiled in his book, including Liverpool, Rotterdam and New Orleans, as well as some others.

The event is at 10am-12am on Friday 29 September, in the Digital Performance Lab (DPL) in Media City UK;  email if you'd like to attend.

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