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Date published: February 06, 2017

Wellbeing Zone launch update - already over 400 users!

January 31st saw your Students’ Union launch our Wellbeing Zone for Salford students and in the past 4 weeks they have had over 400 students register and download the Wellbeing Zone! This is a fantastic start and we want even more of you to get signed up ASAP!

As of right now, you can set-up your own (free of course!) account on the Wellbeing Zone. One of the first things you can do when you create your account is to measure your own wellbeing by answering a range of different questions about your lifestyle. Once you’ve done that you’ll have access to a whole bunch of resources, options and activities, tailored just for you.

You’ll find advice on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle, have access to tools to support a healthy diet, exercise, regular sleep and reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. You will also find loads of tasty (and healthy!) recipes for you to try including Vegetarian and Gluten Free dishes. A Perfect opportunity to impress the housemates with your kitchen exploits.

The app is extremely localised and will provide you with information about services that are right here on campus if you’re ever feeling down and want to talk to someone, if you ever need advice on stress management or finance and also what social activities and events are taking place on campus. And just so you know, your University Wellbeing Team, who are based in University House, offer wellbeing workshops, appointments and counselling. Have a look at what they do here.

There really is something on the app for everyone, so get stuck in and sign up.


And as if the Wellbeing Zone wasn’t enough, the Students' Union also added some extra Wellbeing guidance right here too. 2017 is the year to feel amazing!

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