Date published: May 23, 2017

UPDATE - Incident at Manchester Arena

Dear student,

All at the University of Salford have been shocked and saddened by the events that took place on Monday night. Our thoughts are with all those involved, their families and their friends. We have provided, and continue to provide, support to all students and staff that have been affected.

We have now learnt that the suspect named by Police, Salman Abedi, was a student of the University. This is a further shock to all of us, and we understand how this will affect all members of our University community.

Great cities, like great people, show their true values in adversity. The support and help we have seen given across Manchester and Salford last night and today shows the true spirit of our area. This is an amazing place, and we stand by each other.

In an unrelated incident earlier this evening there was an evacuation of three buildings on campus as a precautionary measure for a short period of time. We are grateful for the calm way in which students cooperated with the evacuation. All buildings reopened quickly and we have returned to business as usual.

If you need support, we’re here for you: our askUS service is your first port of call. Visit the desk at University House, go online at or call 0161 295 0023.

Our Faith Centre provides a quiet space if you need a place for contemplation, and our chaplains are there to support you if you need it.

It’s likely there will be significant media attention on campus over the next few days, and members of the press may approach students for comment. We are managing the press, and we encourage you to refer them to the University’s Press Office. You don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to.

We are strong, and we stand together.

Neil Fowler

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