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Date published: September 04, 2017

Important Information about Official Welcome Activities

One of the things you can be looking forward to most when you arrive at Salford this September is the series of events and club nights put on by your (amazing) Students’ Union in order to introduce you to the truly incredible nightlife in Manchester and to help you quickly find some life-long friends.

Manchester has the biggest student population of any city in Europe and as a result many promoters host their own events that are often completely unrelated to Salford University! As such, it’s vital to ensure you sign up to the official “Welcome” activities Facebook groups:

Official Salford Welcome EVENT: www.facebook.com/events/1310177765718016
GROUP: www.facebook.com/groups/1170732863038792

The chances are that if you see a load of people commenting on one of the unofficial groups or events, saying how they’re massively excited to have bought their ticket and how everyone else should get theirs too, they’re not actually just a keen fresher sharing their joy but instead they’re more than likely a promoter. The good news is there’s a few really easy ways of telling which events are official and which are not:


Does the title of the event/group begin with ‘Official’? If so, then you’ve stumbled upon an official Students’ Union group or event.


Was the event or group made by ‘University of Salford Students Union’? Again, this is the only official page that will be making these sorts of pages, so don’t be fooled in to joining groups made by commercial businesses.


Look out for our Official Welcome logo! It’s a dead easy way of spotting whether or not you’re looking at a legitimate Salford group or event.

Lastly, The University of Salford Student Union has set up a Fatsoma page for you to purchase the Official Salford Welcome Wristband. You can check it out here.

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