Prince Phillip in Horlock Court shop

Date published: March 23, 2016

Horlock Court shop ceases service

Horlock Court has long been the place to shop on Peel Park campus, and we can even count royalty as some of our happy customers*.

Horlock shop has given students and staff a long legacy of satisfied lunch hunters and we are sad to announce that the shop has now closed. 

This is so work can begin to bring a much-improved new student store at the heart of campus, alongside the Clifford Whitworth Library. This brand new shop will join the recently opened student store at Allerton.

The brand new, state of the art student store will bring you all the student priced products you love best, along with some extra new features to make your day on campus even more convenient. The expected date for the new store to open will be 25 April 2016.

In the meanwhile, while we move, say your fond goodbyes to Horlock, and use Allerton or Adelphi shops, as well as the Atmosphere and SALFOOD outlets open across our campuses.

To all of our staff and student staff who have been with Horlock over the years, we will miss you but can’t wait for you to visit our new home.

*Prince Phillip visited Horlock court shop as part of a royal campus tour in 1981. True story.

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