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Date published: March 04, 2016

Guide dogs visit to student accommodation raises £600

Students got a unique break from exams at Salford Student Village, when eight guide dogs paid a visit to the halls to raise money for Manchester Mobility Team.

Over 1,000 students registered their interest in attending Discover Guide Dogs in Eddie Colman Court and Peel Park Quarter but there were only 100 spots available at each event.

One resident even described the scramble for a place like trying to get tickets to a Beyoncé concert.

There was a minimum donation of £3.50 required but many were enthusiastic to give more. The total of £600 was raised in aid of Manchester Mobility Team.

Students appreciated the opportunity to learn about the invaluable work of the dogs, their walkers and owners.

Toni Meredith from Salford Student Village said: “Talking to the volunteers that came in with their dogs was a very grounding experience for me.

“How much of an impact the guide dog has on their lives and the amount of freedom, independence and self-confidence they can provide is amazing!”

Guide dog owner Tony Chorley said: “I really enjoyed both events and would come back anytime.

“I think the event benefited me more than the students if I’m honest. They were really interested in learning about me and Bobby, my dog.”

Rebecca O’Hare, Resident Life Manager at Campus Living Villages, said: “We were delighted to partner with the Manchester Mobility Team for this event and are pleased that we could support their important work in the community.”

For an insight into the Salford Discover Guide Dogs events, check out the video here.

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