Date published: October 05, 2016

Get involved in this semester's Wellbeing activities

Your Wellbeing team are holding a range of activities to ensure you take care of your mental health this semester.

The team have groups for those interested in craft and relaxation, as well as a number of workshops on everything from assertiveness to perfectionism.

These activities run from early October until Mid-December and should help you manage any problems that you may encounter or already face.

Have a look at the programme below and book yourself on to an activity. If you’re currently facing an issue you need help with, we advise you to book an appointment with the wellbeing team as soon as possible.

Semester One Programme

Anxiety Workshops

This session helps you gain a better understanding of how anxiety manifests & explore different types of anxiety related disorder. Most importantly it looks at ways in which you can implement positive change & seek support when your worrying becomes excessive & negatively affects your life. Book here

Dates and times: 18 October, 10.30am, University House. 15 November, 10.30am, University House. 13 December, 10.30am, University House.

Walk Tall Workshops (Improving confidence and self-esteem)

The workshop will include definitions of self-confidence and self-esteem, where they come from and how they affect our behaviour. We will also look at strategies for improving self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as doing some interesting practical exercises. Book here

Dates and times: 05 October, 9.30am, Maxwell Well (Entrance at Gilbert rooms, double doors leading to back of Maxwell Hall). 02 November, 09.30am, Maxwell Well. 07 December, 09.30am, Maxwell Well.

Thinking of Leaving?

This new workshop takes place every Thursday and is there to help you if you’re struggling with any aspect of University life and to help you seek out the most appropriate services for support. Book on here

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more present to our experience, aware of our own processes and less judgemental. It encourages us to be more compassionate and focused, to worry less and make healthier choices. These sessions are accessible and appropriate for all. Book on here

Dates and times: 23 November, 3pm, University House. 30 November, 3pm, University House. 7 December, 3pm, University House. 14 December, 3pm, University House. 

Put Off Putting Off Workshops (Procrastination)

This workshop will look at how and why we procrastinate and what we can do about it. It will address common causes of procrastination, its effects and what we can try to do to prevent ourselves falling into the procrastination trap. Book here

Dates and times: 12 October, 10am, Peel 201. 09 November, 10am, University House. 14 December, 10am, University House.

Stress Workshops

This workshop helps you to understand what stress is, why it is so different from person to person and how it manifests in us all. It goes on to look at a multitude of ways in which you can become more stress-resilient and put these techniques into place to improve your wellbeing. Book here

Dates and times: 25 October, 2.30pm, University House. 22 November, 10.30am, University House. 06 December, 2.30pm, University House.


We will look at how people set excessively high standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations. We will then show how you can set realistic standards which are healthy and attainable. Book here

Dates and times: 17 October, 10am, University House. 08 December, 10am, University House.


We will show you techniques on being able to stand up for your own rights in a calm and positive way, without being aggressive or passive. Book here

Dates and times: 27 October, 10am, University House.

Relaxation Group

The Relaxation Group will start on 21/10/16 and will run every other week and will be held at Maxwell Well from 2.00pm-4.00pm. Book here.

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