Date published: October 27, 2017

Friday prayer times over winter

The numbers of people attending Friday prayers has increased hugely over the last few months, which is fantastic and demonstrates the high quality of our new Faith Centre. To make sure that everyone can join in the times of Friday prayers will change from Sunday 29th October.

Winter prayer times will start from this Sunday and the Faith Centre will make changes to the timing and order of Friday prayer/service (Jumuah Salat) in order to accommodate two prayers at lunch time between 12 and 1pm.  This will enable more people to take part and a third prayer will be arranged after 1pm for those who cannot attend prayers at lunch time.

The first Friday prayer will start just before 12pm and last approximately 15 minutes to make way for the immediate second prayer.

The second prayer will begin at 12.35pm and last approximately 15 minutes so the attendees can participate in 1pm lectures.

A third Friday prayer will take place around 1.15pm.

Full details of all five daily prayer timings in November are available at:

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