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Date published: February 25, 2016

Salford Business School student Sophie inspires women with free event

Only 26% of the computing workforce was female in 2013. Over half of these leave before they reach a senior position, meaning there’s a mere 10% of women at a senior level.

Salford Business School student Sophie Iredale together with Ursula Stawik of the Business Growth Hub, Dr.Marie Griffiths, Reader and Director of the Centre for Digital Business at the University of Salford and Fianna Hornby, a Digital Marketing Executive at Autotrader, decided to change this and inspire women to take up tech-related subjects. The PhD student researching ethics, regulation and professionalism in digital marketing, has organised the #WomenofTechNorth: Moving in, Moving on, Moving up hang-out which will provide a platform to positively promote and inspire women in technology.

She said: "It’s widely known, and long bemoaned, that there’s a significant underrepresentation of women in the tech industry. In response, we’re supporting the effort to inspire and inform those women interested in moving into tech and those looking to improve their career prospects. 

"We wanted to create an open and honest environment for our guests and speakers, to share their experiences and opinions about how we can encourage greater uptake of female roles and engender a more positive outlook for the future. And with “International Womens Day” a week after our event, we thought it more poignant to celebrate and support our women and girls of tech in the north!"

Despite the growth in the tech industry, women are significantly underrepresented as very few decide to study technology or embark on tech-related careers. They also struggle to progress once they are in roles within the industry or have set up/run tech enterprises.

The event aims to find out what fears and barriers there are for women to ‘move in’ to the technology sector; what the obstacles are to ‘move up’ in the career ladder; and what can be done to enable us all to ‘move on’ past this cycle the technology industry is stuck in.

Carefully selected industry speakers including female entrepreneurs, recruiters and employers, will be speaking about their first-hand experiences and personal opinions on why women are underrepresented in the industry.

Organisers aim to inspire, motivate, encourage, educate and inform women (and men alike) in technology about the different dimensions and challenges women in the tech industry face on a daily basis, and to discuss how we can all do our bit to encourage change.

The event will take place on Monday 29 February from 6.30pm till 8.00pm at MediaCityUK.

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