Faith Centre visit

Date published: November 06, 2017

Faith Centre hosted a group of students from a college in Jerusalem

The Faith Centre has attracted visitors from UK and Abroad since it’s opening in February. These visits have been made by individuals and groups, small and large. In late summer, the faith centre hosted a group of staff and students from the David Yellin College of Education, situated in the famous city of Jerusalem, the city of the three faiths, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The purpose of the visit was to experience multi faith space shared by people of diverse faiths, interact with students of different backgrounds, exchange views and ideas and learn from exposure how faiths together are a force for common good, harmony and coexistence.

During the tour, some students enjoyed the kosher snacks in the kosher kitchen whilst others participated in congregational prayers at the Muslim prayer hall.

The students were given the opportunity to take material from the Faith Centre’s resource library and enjoy the study of other faiths outside in the open area.

To enrich the experience, the visitors were met by Salford staff and students to enjoy an open discussion and debate in the safe social space where the students and staff were made comfortable to talk and discuss any matter and ask any question of the chaplains.

Moshe Levy, a student from the David Yellin College of Education said, “The visit to the Faith Centre has been one of the most important things as it has allowed me to know that it is possible to coexist and to use a common platform for the spread and respect of faith and spirituality.”

Ruth beam Yarmouth, a lecturer from the David Yellin College said they need in their country a chaplaincy modelled on the University of Salford`s Chaplaincy.

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