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Date published: December 03, 2015

International Students: Get help with your visa applications

With many international students travelling across the world over Christmas it’s important that your visa applications are not left until the last minute. Did you know that AskUS can help international students with their visa applications using the “Check & Send” scheme. 

The “Check & Send” visa scheme is a service offered by the Home Office Compliance team where international students, already registered at the University, can have their Tier 4 visa application and supporting documents checked before they are submitted to UK Visa & Immigration. 

You may need extensions to your visas for various reasons. In order to extend your visas you need a “CAS” number (Confirmation of Acceptance to Study), which contains the key details of the University’s ability to sponsor international students. When you have the CAS you can go through the Student Channel and make a “Check & Send” appointment request. 

This will involve uploading several pieces of information e.g.; a current passport, current visa, evidence of financial support…and importantly a draft of their UKVI Tier 4 online application. 

Our visa advisors then double check the application and supporting documents for accuracy and validity. If there are errors we will ask you to correct and resend the application. When we are sure the application will result in a successful visa, we invite you to a workshop where we will submit the UKVI application electronically using the UKVI’s own system. You then pay all the application fees to the UKVI (there is no fee from the University) and provide us with pre-paid envelopes to submit your supporting documents to UKVI.

The University manages the flow of documents to and from the UKVI for you and answers any queries the UKVI may have. When the visa is issued it will be sent to us and we will contact you to come and collect. This has the result of being far less stressful for you, ensures that your application will be successful (refused applications then remain on an immigration record), and removes delays that can occur if applications are submitted incorrectly.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Schemes such as this are designed to help you, and we want your time with us to be stress free, and as easy as possible. Contact AskUs if you have any questions, they’ll be more than happy to help.

Tel: 0161 295 0023

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