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Date published: November 01, 2016

Are personal circumstances preventing you from submitting an assignment?

With assignment deadlines on the horizon, personal mitigating circumstances (e.g. serious illness, bereavement or personal issues) may prevent you from submitting your work.

If you’re in this position, you should notify us through our personal mitigating circumstances procedure. For this, all you need to do is complete our short online form here.

You should also consider speaking to your tutors or staff in askUS about any issues which are affecting your studies. We have a dedicated wellbeing team within askUS, who are equipped to help you with any issues through their counselling and wellbeing service.

PMC requests can be submitted for:

  • Non submission or absence from an exam or similar assessment
  • Late submission

PMC requests cannot normally be submitted because you feel that your mitigating circumstances have affected the standard of work.  

PMC requests are considered by PMC Reviewers, who will report their decisions to the Board of Examiners.  The Board will then be in touch with their decision.

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