Markus Maximilian Schmid

Date published: October 31, 2017

Acoustics graduate Markus learns on the job with Erasmus+ placement in Amsterdam

Erasmus+ is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport, and aims to promote student mobility throughout Europe. The University is active in the scheme, and can facilitate mobility between programme countries. Erasmus+ also offers financial assistance to students and graduates who decide upon an industrial placement.

“Erasmus is a great opportunity to go abroad and experience something new”, says acoustics graduate Markus Maximilian Schmid. “I would encourage everyone to take the advantage to explore cultures, people and countries.”

After graduating last June with a Masters degree, German born Markus moved to Amsterdam, and began a six-month internship with Arup, a globally respected firm of designers, planners, engineers, and technical specialists (the company have worked on projects like the Queensferry Crossing, and the 2012 Olympics).

“Arup is a ‘total architecture’ company,” said Markus. “This includes various disciplines from building specific design to urban city planning. In non-technical terms, one can refer to sound that rises from ventilation systems, or any other technical equipment installed in a building. Regular meetings lead to a more efficient result; in general the acoustic engineer will make appropriate recommendations to the builder.”

Markus considers his placement – which continues until the end of the year – as a natural extension of his academic work: “It helped steer my career in the right direction and choose the right niche. I recommend a placement to those who are unsure about their interests, in order to identify their passion. It’s a great opportunity to go abroad and experience something completely new.”

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