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Date published: October 02, 2015

Academic tips from the library

The transition from college to University can be tough. There are lots of changes, both in your lifestyle, and in your education. The way that you learn, the way that you study, and the way you write essays is much different in University.

These changes don’t have to be as daunting as they seem. Our team in the library would like to share a few tips to help ease you through the transition from college to University. They've also shared a brilliant video at the end of this article.

1. Reading Lists – Check these, the lecturers do not compose the reading lists for fun. The reason they ask you to read a specific chapter from a book every week is because it could help you when it comes to writing your essay. These academic readings could come in handy when it comes to looking for a reference.

2. Get Ahead – If your essay doesn’t have to be finished until January the 5th then it isn’t a good idea to wait to do it till the 4th. Christmas is a busy time; ask yourself, will you honestly do any writing between Christmas and New Year? If you get ahead with your essay writing then you’ll be able to reread your drafts, check for spelling errors, and account for any difficulties that you come across.

There's also a very useful section on our website called skills for learning. Here you’ll find articles, videos, and more academic tips.

There are heaps of other tools to help you get those top marks. The benefits of attending a few of the workshops cannot be underestimated. These workshops help you access the libraries facilities, and help you to plan, and write essays. 

Wordscope courses help to teach you how to improve your writing skills. These courses can easily help you avoid those spelling and grammar mistakes that could be the difference between a pass and a fail.

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