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Date published: June 08, 2016

A FINAL REMINDER FROM IT SERVICES: Please reset your network password

Our IT Services team need you to change your password to allow them to continue with their work to improve online security at Salford.

We have been sending reminders to you about changing your passwords for several months, yet many passwords have remained unchanged, and no longer comply with the new policy being introduced this summer.

If you haven’t changed your password in the past six months, you must complete this before you break for the summer. Failure to do so will prevent access to IT systems and services, when you return for the next academic year.

Thanks to all those who have already changed their password. Please note that the password for your University email / Office 365 account does not require resetting.

If you’re unsure on how to change your password, please check out our instructions below:

Instructions for Changing your Password

If your on-campus

From a PC - press ‘CTRL, ALT & DEL’, select the option the change password and follow the instructions.

From a MAC - click the Apple menu in the top left, followed by System Preferences, Users & Groups and 'Change Password'

If your off-campus or using your own device

Use the self-service password reset utility.

Policy Rules

Password must be a minimum of nine characters long.

Passwords must contain alphanumeric characters (a mixture of numbers and letters)

Passwords must contain both upper and lower case characters

The use of special characters such as ! “ $ % ^ & * ( )  is permitted but not mandatory.

The system will remember the last 15 passwords used, and prevent you from reusing one previously used.

If you require further support contact the ITS Service Desk on x52444.

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