Joanna Graham is a practice development nurse (PDN) for unscheduled care in an NHS Trust. She recently completed the MSc Nursing (Education) at the University of Salford, which has enabled her to move up the pay scale and expand her area of clinical and academic expertise.

“Although I was already an experienced nurse practitioner and working in an advanced practitioner role, this course has undoubtedly enhanced my credibility as a PDN,” says Joanna. “I’m currently in the process of negotiating a promotion to a higher grade as a strategic practice development lead, and have been asked to help set up an urgent care centre with another trust, also at a higher grade. I have confidence in supporting my colleagues with their academic studies, and am comfortable teaching in clinical practice.

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying at the University of Salford. The course was well-structured, and delivered by experienced lecturers who were always willing to help and support students in developing both their academic thinking and writing skills.

I’m currently in the process of writing an article from my dissertation for publication, in conjunction with Dr Michelle Howarth, one of my lecturers. The support from Michelle has been unquestionable over the past three years in helping me to learn new skills and realise my full potential.”