Hello, and welcome to, well, me. By the time you start at the university in 2016, I’ll have become the New Adelphi building. And while I’m not really one for blowing my own trumpet, the architects have designed me to be an awe-inspiring venue, where people can, amongst other things, blow their own trumpets. You see, I’ll be the university’s gleaming new centre for creativity and artistic expression.

They really are going to town on me. The university has invested a massive £55 million to create a state-of-the-art masterpiece so that, as the social heart of the Peel Park campus, more than merely putting a roof over your head, I can put ideas into your mind.

When I look at the level of effort, expense, thought and detail that’s going into my development, it’s evident that I’m growing into a superbly impressive landmark and statement. I’m proud to say I’ll be a very multi-faceted, versatile, charismatic and entertaining individual indeed. And, thanks to my design, as I mature no one should be able to guess my age.

Happily, my beauty is far more than skin deep, as beneath my shiny new facade I also have a great deal of substance. My facilities and spaces are being purpose-built to embrace all kinds of activities and functions for students studying music, performance, art, design and architecture. Even my walls are going to be pulsing with energy, with a 500m2 dedicated exhibition space to show off inspiring work created by students and the community.

If you feel the need to sit quietly and write a script, read your lines or study, I’ve got inviting quiet spaces for you, so you can think straight and let your creativity breathe. If you need to rehearse or experiment, you’ll find dozens of rooms and studios dedicated to physical performances or musical practice. Or, if you’ve already honed and crafted your performance, then I’ve got the perfect places for you to present your efforts in their best light. From industry-standard recording studios, to live venues. And even a 350-capacity theatre, which transforms and changes to enhance the performance. And after all that, if you fancy a coffee to sit and talk through the highlights, I’ve got a cafe, a bar and a roof terrace with excellent views. You’ll only need to leave me to go home to bed, and that could be just next door in the gorgeous new student residences.

Find out more at http://www.salford.ac.uk/newadelphi