Chizhou Tang (known as George) transferred to the University of Salford for the final year of a degree in Finance and Accounting. Originally from Hangzou in China, George, who is 23, says his Salford experience has been welcoming, helpful and supportive and is preparing him for a fulfilling life as a graduate.

“The University of Salford really does provide a great educational system for its students,” he says. “There’s a mutual understanding and mutual trust between lecturers and students, a perfectly organised system and a very friendly environment.”

Having spent two years with a different university, George was struck by the emphasis placed on students’ wellbeing at the University of Salford.

“The timetable and calendar are perfectly co-ordinated, with each individual module striking a proper balance between work and rest,” he says. “I find I’m able to study more effectively, because the classes are very student orientated and the lecturers are very amiable and friendly. They’re always happy to help me and even when they’re busy, they will make time.

“This time they spend with us ensures we’re all at the same level,” he continues. “If, as a group, we’re working at the same pace, then we’re sharing the same experience and keeping each other motivated. It makes a huge difference when our lecturers take the time to make sure we all understand every module, it really draws out our interest.”

One of the key aspects to his academic success is, says George, the help he and other students are given with study skills.

“I wasn’t using good methods to study,” he admits. “I was spending 20 hours a time working without a break and because of that I wasn’t doing as well as I could have been. My lecturers, programme directors and support staff were very helpful and patient with us before and after the assessments, they helped us analyse where we could improve and what our weaknesses were. They helped me to realise that there are side effect to putting in too much effort, and we worked out how I could study more effectively.”

As a result of the support with study skills, George received a 100% mark in an important exam. “I have been shown good methods, and they will help me throughout my life,” he says.

George firmly believes a university education should benefit the whole of society, not just its recipient. A view, he says, which has been nurtured at the University of Salford.

“There’s a focus on the development of morality as well as intelligence,” he says.  “Lecturers want students to make improvements but they keep an equal balance between morale and academic improvements. There’s a focus on achievements in society, and that makes a big difference after graduating. If a student’s morality is at an equal level with their academic achievements, it will benefit society and we will think of others and help them in need. This is something my lecturer has been teaching us throughout the module – how to keep an equal balance in morality and intelligence, and use our knowledge from university to make practical contributions to society.”

Having transferred to the University of Salford from one of the UK’s top-ranked universities, George has no hesitation in declaring where his loyalties lie, and is beautifully verbose in his praise.

“My path is not the pavement of a street, it is completely moving forwards in the field. Sometimes passing through dust, sometimes travelling through mud, sometimes crossing over swamps, sometimes passing by jungles. In this winding and uncertain path, the University of Salford has given me a very bright outlook, by awakening my ‘inner soul’ up, to forge ahead unswervingly. This point is where I am most grateful. The University of Salford helps the students to remove vexation, and enlarge the students’ wisdom.

“I’ve experienced learning at one of the top UK universities and the University of Salford provides a much better education,” he concludes. “There is a real focus on working together to encourage emotional knowledge as well as academic knowledge, and I have many reasons to be proud of my achievements here.”