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In 2016 we will start to see cross-agency care data, linked at citizen level, actively used to inform and monitor the effectiveness of targeted care packages. For the first time local health economies are able to leverage the insights they can derive from understanding the entire holistic record of care experienced by their citizens – GP, Hospital, Social Care, Mental Health, Community and more. 

"MedeAnalytics is delighted to be showcasing its new Privacy Framework and population health management solutions at what we see as one of the most thought leading and event and knowledge exchange events for 2016. We will be joined again by a panel of leading experts in global population Health , LHE leaders, third party and patient representatives joining together to help move forward better outcomes for all of us.” - Helen Parslow, Medeanalytics

The new framework is a systematic approach to de-identifying data at source meaning no identifiable data ever leaves its origin or is held in data repositories by data processors. Further, the de-identified data is maintained within a highly controlled environment meaning it cannot be misappropriated. Where patients are identified as requiring specific interventions for an improved outcome the Framework de-crypts their identity "on the fly” based upon its understanding of the care workers role so that care can be provided directly.

We look forward to opening the floor to an exchange of ideas and putting these thoughts into practice at the Privacy framework workshops.

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