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Our online courses, developed in collaboration with Salford Digital Learning, are an advanced way of accessing learning opportunities that align with your current commitments and professional development.

We pride ourselves on combining real world practical skills with cutting edge theory - Put the two together and you have the optimal training platform. Our online courses have been created by industry professionals and designed to be absorbed easily, at your own pace, allowing you to see immediate  positive  learning outcomes.

Signing up to a course within our digital e-learning environment will provide you access to an abundance of knowledge and resources, that will allow you to hone your current skills, develop new areas of expertise or even take the next step in your career.

Salford Digital Learning also offers bespoke online training that can help your organisation meet new challenges and fill the skills gaps in your workforce. Our team of experienced instructional designers can take your content and create engaging and interactive  e-learning courses that align with your business strategy and professional development needs.

Advanced Strategic Management

£150 +VAT

Become a stronger strategic leader with this essential online Advanced Strategic Management course. Leave this course with concrete knowledge that will help yield tangible results whilst teaching the skills that are crucial in management.

Our strategic management course will work with you to provide you with the essential strategic knowledge to address your organisation needs, define its vision, and develop a road map to deliver success. Once you've completed this advanced management course you'll have the tools to shape key strategies,  optimise the company structure and recognise the most effective processes and models to guarantee your organisation's success.

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Google Adwords: PPC Short Course

£50 +VAT

Google ads, formerly known as Google AdWords is a short course designed to give you a practical introduction into Google Adwords and PPC marketing.

By undertaking this Google AdWords course, you will gain a practical introduction to Google AdWords and PPC. You will gain insight and practical understanding of elements including, keyword planning, bid strategies, ad rank and creating a campaign; ensuring that you are able to secure the best return  on your investment.

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Advanced Management Coaching 

£199 + VAT

Help your staff achieve their goals, and the goals of the business through coaching and mentoring. The aim of coaching is to empower your client to take responsibility, and guide them through their obstacles. Your management style, leadership techniques, or overall ability to work with others will benefit  from applying the fundamental coaching and mentoring techniques on this course.

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Occupational Therapy - Enhancing Home Modification

£159 +VAT

Enhancing Home Modification revolutionises the home modification process by providing comprehensive guidance to practitioners and addressing issues in current processes to ensure older and disabled people are able to do the everyday activities they want, need or are expected to do.

This online programme is a tool for new and experienced occupational therapists, housing associations, social care workers and anyone in the care sector who wants to understand this ground-breaking end to end modification process.

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Finance for Non- Finance Managers

£385 +VAT

Advance your knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of financial and management accounting, by enrolling on our Finance for non-Finance Manager Online Course. Adapted from a Level 5 Financial Accounting programme, this self-directed CPD course is designed to  provide  a high-quality learning experience that can be completed around your professional role.

Further enhance your skills in major techniques used in management accounting, with topics covering, fundamental finance and communicating through the use of established formats and analytical writing. The assessments provided throughout this course have been specifically designed for the workplace  in mind, which means no assignments, no further reading and no exams.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

£250 +VAT

Our digital marketing strategies online course teaches you the key aspects of the digital marketing strategy. Whether you are new to marketing, or a marketing professional looking to upskill and refresh your knowledge, our online digital marketing course will provide a holistic overview into the fast-growing  and exciting digital marketing era, giving you the strategies, you will need generate growth for your organisation. Using real-world examples and situations the course will provide strategic insights that can be utilised in creating future focused marketing decisions to drive growth for your business.

Our online course allows you to understand an end to end strategic approach; from learning how to align your digital marketing strategy with your organisation’s mission and vision, performing a market analysis, to implementing digital marketing capabilities to create your own bespoke marketing  strategy and marketing mix.  By the end of your course, you will have demonstrated an understanding of each of the key stages of developing a marketing strategy and how they can be applied.

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Management Accounting 

£150 +VAT

This course is designed to help you develop an understanding of financial fundamentals and introduces different ways of managing finances within an organisation enabling you make better business decisions.

Delegates will be introduced the major techniques used in management accounting and develop an appreciation of the role of management accounting in organisational planning, control, decision making and performance evaluation. You will gain an applied knowledge and understanding of the purpose and principals and scope of management accounting.

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Data Protection Act 2018 

£20 +VAT

The Data Protection Act 2018 is now in force, with the previous data protection act failing to include governance of data harvested through digital devices. Additionally, the Data Protection Act 2018 includes all the protections afforded to EU citizens by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our online Data Protection Act 2018 training course is designed to help businesses and individuals comply with the core principles and regulations.In this flexible online 1 hr training course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the provisions that apply to your organisation and how to ensure your organisation and its employees are compliant.

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