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Institute of Directors Company Direction Programme

The Certificate Programme and Diploma consist of short practical courses employing blended learning techniques, exploring many critical issues facing today's senior professionals.

Certificate programmeIoD Company Direction Programme

The first stage of the Company Direction Programme is the Certificate programme. The programme consists of four intensive short courses, each concentrating on particular aspects of the director's and board's role. The programme design has been shaped for maximum flexibility. 

Delegates can take up to two years to complete the Certificate Programme or alternatively, individuals can choose to take each short course separately.

Exemption may be granted from mandatory subjects for those applicants who hold an up-to-date recognised professional qualification in a relevant area. Exemption requests are considered on an individual basis by the IoD. 

Course I - The Role of the Director and the Board (2 days)

Course II - Finance for Non-Financial Directors (3 days)

Course III - Strategy for Directors (3 days)

Course IIll - Leadership for Directors (2 days)


The second stage is to take the diploma which consists of a single 3 day module, Developing Board Performance. This module allows delegates to put into practice the knowledge gained in the Certificate. The module takes the form of a 3 day exercise which replicates the issues experienced  by  a  “real” organisation and enables tutors to provide feedback to delegates on their individual impact and performance      

Please note: once registered for either Certificate Programme, Diploma or Combined Certificate/Diploma, you must complete the programme within 2 years.      

Given the relevant practical experience, the Programmes also provides directors with the essential foundations, to achieve the coveted Chartered Director status. Delegates can only move towards gaining their Chartered Director status once the Certificate and Diploma levels of the course have been completed.      

The coveted Chartered Director status is achieved through an intensive series of assessments of your professional practice and is the definitive qualification for directors today.      

Combined Certificate and Diploma Programme

It is possible to register for both the Certificate and Diploma Programme at the outset. This allows delegates, if they wish, to progress to the Diploma course before taking the Certificate examination. It is, however, necessary to pass both the Certificate and Diploma examination before the Diploma  can  be      awarded.      

The Awards

Those directors who undertake the Certificate programme and wish to achieve a recognised qualification must undertake an examination. This leads to the award of the Certificate in Company Direction. After attending Developing Board Performance directors may take an examination which leads to the award  of  the      prestigious    IoD  Diploma in Company Direction.      

To make a booking for the Certificate Programme, Combined Certificate/Diploma Programme, or the IoD Diploma, please use our on-line booking form.

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