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The University campus at MediaCityUK features HD TV and radio studios, broadcast and audio laboratories, visual effects studios and edit suites.

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Our facilities include:

TV Studios

Two industry standard HD TV studios including a green screen; both are capable of being linked to every other audio room in the building, facilitating outside sources such as live bands performing within the TV studios. These studios are possibly the highest specification education studios in Europe and are equivalent to those used by industry including BBC, ITV and Sky. Features include:

  • Full 1080 HD cameras and video systems with 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • Fully virtual 3D sets and Green Screen systems
  • Sound treated studios

Radio Studios

Three state of the art radio studios that can actually create broadcast material with equipment as used by the BBC.

They are capable of being linked to every other audio room in the building, which could facilitate outside sources such as live bands performing within the TV studios.

Digital Performance Lab

The Digital Performance Lab is a unique black box theatre space enhanced by the latest in screen technology and interactive devices. It is designed to explore interactions at the boundary between human performance and digital devices.

Media Tech Lab

The Media Tech Lab provides users with the ability to critically analyse, measure and view HD content in a multitude of formats, streams and ways.

Journalism Centre

Our dedicated Journalism centre consists of TV studio, gallery, radio studio and an AVID sponsored News Room.

The TV Studio contains a state of the art News set and includes three HD cameras with teleprompters. It can link up to the other two TV Studios in the building based on the ground floor enabling live feeds.

Audio Production Suite

The Audio Production Suite consists of 25 Mac Pro digital audio workstations designed for mixdown preparation, audio editing, sequencing, electronic music production, sampling and synthesis.

Audio Post Production Room

Our Audio Post Production room consists of state of the art facilities and 16 audio/video production workstations and includes a vocal booth for recording voice-overs, an Avid Icon console and a Genelec 7.1 surround sound system.

Edit Suites

We have three craft edit suites which are reminiscent of those found in any post-production house in the UK.

The Egg

The Egg is a multimedia Living Lab which includes an 8K resolution high definition screen, ten integrated touch tables and gesture recognition technology, high definition audio, all based in our public foyer to encourage interaction and audience participation.

Our Christie micro-tiles wall features 120 separate digital screens which can enable extremely high resolution video as 1 large image or 120 separate images across the screen. Unique to the system is the ability to configure the screen to create various different shapes and compositions. The wall can be fully immersive by utilising three Microsoft Kinect sensors attached to the wall, enabling interactive video and software through movement.

Technical Specification

A full tech spec is available at

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