Training for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)Creating an educated workforce

A key aim of the Government is to create a more educated workforce that is the most flexible in Europe and ensure our workforce across the public, private and voluntary and community sectors are highly skilled and positioned to meet the challenges of the global marketplace. Salford Professional Development is well placed to turn this vision into a reality and through its extensive range of training products and access to experts, is working with employers and their workforces on a daily basis.

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How professional development
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People may choose to undertake CPD training for a variety of reasons, to maintain a professional accreditation or membership, embrace new technology or working practices, or even to embark on a completely new career.

Helping organisations to identify
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Many of our programmes can be offered on an in-house basis. We design each programme to meet the needs of a specific organisation; our delivery makes a significant contribution to a client’s strategic goals.