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Santander Universities Travel Award - Information for Staff

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Santander Universities Travel Award

Information for Staff

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The University of Salford has funding to support staff wishing to undertake an international visit or project. The award will support travel to the following countries (other countries could be considered), preferably at a Santander University Partner.

  • In the Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, USA
  • In Europe: Belgium, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK
  • In Asia: China, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE
  • In Africa: Ghana

The programme offers awards of £500, £1,000 & £5,000.

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from all current University of Salford staff.

How to apply

To apply for funding applicants must submit an online application detailing their project and the need for funding. The criteria will be checked and a judging panel will determine if funding is awarded.

Apply for a Santander Universities Travel Bursary – Awards of £500, £1,000 & £5,000

Applications Open: Monday 18th September 2017 (Round One)
Applications Close: Friday 24th November 2017 (Round One)

Applications Open: Friday 12th January 2018 (Round Two)
Applications Close: Friday 6th April 2018 (Round Two)

Please note all applications will be considered after the closing date and there will be an initial shortlisting round before applications are revived at the assessment panel.


All applications will be reviewed by a committee who will make awards based on the following criteria:

  • Links to the applicant’s research and career ambitions
  • Sustainability of research, e.g. demonstrably leading to further research bids, collaborative projects, significant publications, or access to new research funds
  • The contribution that the application will make to the University’s internationalisation strategy

What can be funded?

Funding can be used for travel (economy only), accommodation, subsistence and other necessary costs for an overseas visit.

There is no set format for your visit/project and examples of activity that could be funded include:

  • Undertaking small-scale or pilot projects that will lead to the submission of larger research bids
  • Research impact development activities;
  • Presenting at Conferences  or similar events and taking place in eligible countries
  • Study visits to eligible countries that are linked to your research
  • International placements, or internships that are linked to your research or career ambitions
  • Research at foreign archives and libraries
  • Senior level departmental/cross-departmental delegations to eligible countries
  • Short duration post-doctoral fellowships taking place in eligible countries
  • Projects incorporating a research mobility component for early career researchers
  • Individual research visits to eligible countries

Application advice

All Santander Award recipients are required to participate fully in the University's donor engagement activity as and when requested to do so. This includes, but is not limited to, providing reports or updates (including photos if appropriate) on the project or work undertaken when requested by a member of University staff, which may then be included in University communications as appropriate; attending donor thank you events (usually one or two a year) when requested by University staff; allowing details such as your name, school and project to be included in public University communications.

Please also note that all successful Santander Universities award recipients must sign an award acceptance agreement prior to awards being confirmed, and agree to some personal information linked to or submitted as part of their application being shared with Santander Universities (a full explanation of this policy is contained in the award acceptance agreement).


Please ensure that you discuss your application with your Associate Dean for Research and/or Research Centre Director.


For more information or to discuss your application further please contact