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Dr Maria Sanchez

  • Maxwell 810
  • T: 0161 295 4328
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Office Times

Tuesdays: 10.00am-11.00am

Thursdays: 11.00am-12.00pm


After graduating in Spain, I came to England in 1989 where I taught at the Bradford Girls’ Grammar School and at the Bradford and Ilkley Community College before joining the University of Bradford, first as part-time and later as full-time tutor. Between 1992-94 I did an MA in European Studies on the subject of the sociocultural changes taking place in Spain in the process from dictatorship to democracy, after which I was awarded a bursary in order to carry out research for a PhD on translation studies and to teach Spanish to undergraduates  in Modern Languages, European Studies, and International Management.  During this time, the University of Salford offered me a one-year lectureship, which was made a permanent appointment a year later.


Teaching (Undergraduate)

Introduction to Translation and Interpreting, Year I

Approaches to Translation and Interpreting, Year II

Specialized Translation, Year II

Liaison Interpreting, Year II

General Translation Eng.→Sp., Year IV

Advanced Liaison Interpreting Eng./Sp./Eng., Year IV

Introduction to Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Eng./Sp./Eng, Year IV

Teaching (MA in Translation; MA in Translation and Interpreting; MA in Translation with International Business)

Principles and Strategies of Translation and Research Methods

Specialized Translation Eng.→Sp.

Business and Community Interpreting Eng./Sp./Eng.

Conference Interpreting Eng.→Sp.

Translation Studies

Research Interests

Theory and practice of Translation; Interrelationship between language and culture; Literary Translation, with special reference to the use of non-standard language; Interpreting Studies; Translation and Interpreting pedagogy.

Qualifications and Memberships

2005 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, CIoL.

2005 PhD PhD (from The University of Bradford).

1994 MA in European Studies (from The University of Bradford).

1991 Diploma in Spanish with Translation and Interpreting, CIoL

1989 Licenciada en Filología Inglesa, Languages (from The University of Granada).


ASELE (Asociación para la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera).

ACIS (Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies)

IATIS (International Association for Translation and Interpreting Studies)


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‘The Mirror and the Image: translating the translator’, to be published by AALITRA.

‘The use of notes in literary translation’, ongoing.